Our Services


Window Cleaning.

We provide a service of the highest standard with every attention to detail. This includes cleaning all windows, frames, sills, doors and any other exterior cleaning requirements – to give your building the smile it deserves.


Gutter Cleaning.

Poor gutter maintenance can lead to leaks, damp and mould problems but until now cleaning gutters was a costly business which could involve ladders, scaffolding and all manner of health and safety complications. However we offer a convenient, safe and affordable service using the latest technology, the gutter vacuum, which can be done from the ground leaving your gutters completely clear of debris.


Power Washing.

There is nothing worse than green mouldy looking pathways and decking, aside from looking unsightly they can be slippery and dangerous. Power washing is the perfect solution to keeping your pathways, patios, and decking looking fresh and new. We use high powered pressure washers that make cleaning your property fast and professional.


Cladding Clean.

Cladding on a building is attractive and simple making a property look smart. However like most things it picks up mould and fungus over time. The simple solution to keeping that smart fresh look is to have it cleaned using our pure water system. With just a few cleans a year it can keep a property looking new.


Full Building Washdown.

This wash down service involves cleaning every washable surface of your building, gutters, fascia boards, roofing, cladding and any other area where dirt collects. It keeps a building looking bright and clean and gets rid of unsightly grime and dirt.


Maintenance Cleaning.

For an extra cost each month we can offer a package that would can include the cleaning of all or any of the above. Please enquire about this gold standard cleaning service.