About Us


I spent 10 years working in the Kitchens of some of the Best restaurants in the Lake District. In 1997 I then worked in a Hotel in East Africa.

Soon after returning home I was offered some temporary Window Cleaning work with a friend. Or so I thought…

I was mistaken, I ended up buying the business!


From small beginnings John Crawford Window Cleaning has become a leading, independent, specialist window cleaning company in the heart of the Lake District and surrounding areas.

We have worked hard to build an excellent reputation for supplying the highest level of service, whilst keeping our prices at a realistic and competitive level.

We have Full Liability Insurance and Safe Contractor accreditation.
The above as well as Method statements and Risk Assessments can be provided upon request.

A Lesson I took from cooking to window cleaning.

In cooking, presentation is very important. The same is true regarding the appearance of ones business or property.

A clean, neat and attractive appearance of the windows, window frames, doors and signs on a property or business, creates an appealing, welcoming and a professional image that leaves a lasting impression with a visitor or a potential customer.

“It’s all in the presentation”